What We Offer


One of the most important management tools for any landscape is water. A professionally designed and managed irrigation system is the most cost effective and efficient way to ensure your landscape gets the proper amount of H2O without over or under watering.
Our mission is simple, offer home and business owner's reliable, high quality sprinkler services at affordable prices.We aim to offer top quality service that is tailored to each and every individual customer.

Mini Earthmoving

We offer a range of different mini earthworks services. Please feel free to contact us regarding any job where we will offer our advice and a quotation.

Our top priority is making your vision come to life and we aim to do this in a timely, transparent and hands-on manner. From beginning to end, & throughout the entire process, we offer each client the complete package of site development. Take a look at just some of our excavation & Earthworks services:

Dry hire equipment

At BGL Solutions we offer Dry Hire Equipment.
Posi Track.
Excavator 1.8 T.
Dingo Mini Loader .
We can supply the hire equipment you need to complete your project on a budget and time schedule.


Fences are primarily for the protection and privacy of your property. However, they are a stylistic consideration as well. We can discuss your requirements and fence options to suit your style and budget.

Fence Asbestos Removal

Whilst the requirements for locating and assessing asbestos can be addressed by engaging experienced accredited consultants, the requirements for arranging necessary maintenance or removal works are far more extensive and complex. We help our customers to overcome these challenges by providing a mechanism to confidently procure high quality, legally compliant asbestos maintenance and removal.

Concrete Kerbs

Have you always wanted to improve your garden? Let us make it look great. You may have been doing a lot of work on it selecting plants, but you need the help of an expert in concrete edging to create the proper edges and divisions.
We are what you're looking for -- experienced kerbing work. Having us around will mean that you don't have to worry about the job anymore.

Landscaping & Gardening

We have different garden supplies companies that provides us quality products for our clients, we also work together to find the perfect solution to your project. Our gardening services vary depends the size of your property, we have different plans in our maintenance services.
We insure to get good quality and cheapest price to help our costumers save money in almost everything that could help their garden stay like new.

Slashing & Mitigation

If you can't mow it, then slash it! Our modern Tractor and Slasher with attachments is suited for acreages and tougher areas. We specialise in small lot acreage, undulating properties and boggy areas. We can tame the hard to reach areas of your property and make them look fantastic.